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Fairdrive Desktop App (FDA)

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Fairdrive Desktop App is a FUSE client for fairOS-dfs. It lets you mount your pod on your own user space and interact with your data.

IMPORTANT: FDA is under heavy development and in BETA stage. Some abnormal behaviour, data loss can be observed. We do not recommend parallel usage of same account from multiple installations. Doing so might corrupt your data.

How do I install FDA?

IMPORTANT: To use FDA on your system you need to install system support for FUSE first.

Prerequisites And Requirements


You need FUSE for your OS.

Installing fuse on macOS
brew install macfuse
Installing fuse on debian
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -qq install libfuse-dev
Installing fuse on Windows

install winfsp


You will need a bee node running with a valid stamp id.

We encourage Swarm Desktop for setting up your bee node. Here is a guide for it.

Install FDA

Download FDA for your operating system from Releases Page

MacOS (intel/amd64)

MacOS (arm64)



How do I configure FDA to connect to a bee node?


FAQ about FDA preferences/settings

Simple vs Advanced mode

NOTE: If you use Simple mode you just have to set bee api endpoint and batchID.

“Is bee node running behind proxy?”

What is “Bee”?

What is “BatchID”?

What is RPC? Why do we need it?

What is “Network”? Why does it have “Testnet” and “Play”? What is “Play”?

What is “Mount Location”?


How to mount?


Which is better, local light node, a full node on raspberry, or gateway?

Where can I follow if the sync is happening?

What is Lite account?

What does File => Accounts do?

Note: Accounts only gets added here if you checked Remember me before login

I have a Portable account. Can I use it alongside Lite Account in FDA?

Can I use Lite Account from other FDA installation or a different system?

Still confused about different account types?

So we have this Portable account which can be used to log in from any fdp/fairSO-dfs dapps. But FDA has a “Special” case where you can create a Lite account to store your data without the need of a RPC connection or spending any token for on-boarding.

Lite account can be upgraded to Portable account from our create account app.

So basically it’s the same account just different data sets?

yes, If you use same the mnemonic to create a portable account your pods and files stay the same as they were in case of lite account.

Lite accounts are non persistent?

Lite accounts ARE persistent in the sense that the pods, files stays on Swarm, but not your user. it currently persists in the current FDA installation.

You can use the mnemonic to access the same account on different FDA installations by importing.

NOTE: username and password are just placeholders at the moment in case of Lite account

Bugs and issues

Fair Data Society Discord


FairOS-dfs docs